It's begining to look a lot like christmas | Blogmas 7

Hello Everybody!
I finally got round to putting my Christmas decorations up in my room and im quite happy with how they look, even though none of the colours match  :) 
I bought this banner from the pound shop yesterday and I love it. it's not badly made and it looks really cute, however I had to thread all of the letters through the ribbon which was a little time consuming. I think it looks really nice hanging from my shelf with the icicles draped behind it.
I bought the little red tree lantern from B&M yesterday for just £1 in the sale and then picked up these 2 christmassy scented candles for £1 each too. I may have gone slightly overboard on the candles this year as i have another 3 or 4 dotted around my room. I think candles make everything super cosy and christmassy.
I also got this sign from B&M for another pound, the only annoying thing is is that it is getting glitter everywhere :D 
And last but not least is my mini tree which i got from the range last year, and although it doesn't match the red and white theme i really love how these colours look together!

What colour are your Christmas decorations?

Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah, these look so cute!! :) I'm sorting my room tomorrow...my mum reserved some tinsel, trees and fairy lights for me...i can't wait!! XD xxxx

    1. Hey and aww haha it will be a nice break from all of that revision then :) xxx

  2. Wow amazing decoration!! I like it!
    xx Lisbeth