DIY Candle Jars | Blogmas day 13

Hello everyone! So today I have got a quick little DIY for you. I was once again scrolling through pinterest and I saw a lot of DIY candle jars and thought I would have a go myself. They are super easy and really quick to make and they look so cute! What you will need to make these jars are:
-A jar
-Table slat
-Any other Christmas decorations

For this one you need a small jar. Pour your table salt into the jar and put your tea-lights in the salt. Then tie a ribbon around the jar. I really like this one as it is simple and has a rustic feel to it with the rope.
This one is pretty much the same as the last on but with a bigger jar and some baubles. I chose to tie white rope and red ribbon around this one as it matched the candle and the baubles.
I think this one would look really cute as a table centre piece or just placed on your bedside table. I love the little tree in the middle of this one. Also if you have any other decorations such as a little reindeer etc. then you could always make a little snowy scene which I think would look really nice.
This one is really simple but really cute with the white rope and I like the blue and white colour scheme as it makes it look frosty.
This one is kind of just a smaller snowy scene. I really like the look of the frosty white baubles as they look really nice with the blue ribbon.

Which one was your favourite?

Sarah x

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