Blogs & Vlogs | Blogmas Day 15

So as my mock exams finished last week and I don't usually venture outside all too often, I have a a lot of spare time on my hands.  In this time I have been reading a lot of blogs and watching a load of vloggers on you tube. Today I thought I would share with you my top 3 bloggers and top 3 vloggers.


Obviously i've been loving my sisters blog, especially becuase she has been doing blogmas this year, and like you probably already know, she has recently moved out so it's nice to read her posts to catch up.

Recently Sasha, who is one of my closest friends who goes to the same school as me has started her own blog, and I have really enjoyed reading her craft posts. She hasn't done blogmas however she has done something similar, and is doing twelve days of Christmas and her first few posts have been really good.

I love all of Victorias posts, especially her DIYs as they are all so cute. I also love her posts about the bargains she has found whilst out shopping. 


I was really enjoying Zoe's vlogmas this year as she always seems to get up to really nice things during December, however, she took a few days break from vlogging, becuase of everything that has been happening with her book, But today she uploaded another video on both her main and second channel.

The thing I love most about Louise's vlogs is that she is always very relaxed, and although she might not be doing the most exciting things everyday her vlogs are always really interesting. My favourite vlogs of hers are the vlogs when she is spending the day at home with Darcy (her daughter), and just doing everyday things which is unusual to see from a vlogger.

This is probably one of my more abstract favourites as it's not beauty or fashion related vlogger. In fact it's Zoe's younger brother. He has also been doing vlogmas this year and i think he planning on vlogging until new years day? I really enjoy seeing what he gets up to throughout his day. I also really like his main channel videos as they are comedy videos and it's something different from the make-up tutorials etc.

Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers?

Sarah x


  1. I'm really enjoying Louises' content so much at the moment, on all her platforms, her vlogs are so damned precious!

    little miss fii | Fii x

  2. Aww thanks Sarah!! I'm enjoying your blogmas posts at the moment - i loved the cute jars that you made the other day!! :) xxx