An Early Christmas Present | Blogmas Day 8

Hello Everyone!
So around eight weeks ago the stray kitten we 'took in' had four adorable little kittens which was a big shock as we all thought she was a male cat, as we hadn't taken her to the vets. Originally we were not going to keep any of the kittens or even the mom cat, we were going to give them away as we already have a cat named Bob who doesn't really get on very well with any other cats and also becuase 2 cats and 4 kittens would be quite a handful. However, we have sort of managed to convince our parents to let us keep two of the little beauties ( as an early Christmas present), as the other two have been adopted by my sister Laura - from Laura's All Made Up. So I am very glad that we didn't have to re-home them or split them up too much. The kitten in the last picture is the one I have chosen. He is the youngest one out of the four and we think he is a boy. My little brother has chosen the in the first picture which is lying over the black kitten, we have nicknamed her dotty because of the patch on her back until we think of another name for her. She was one of the oldest , either the first or second born. Which leaves the last two (the black one and the grey one with the little beard) who have now moved house and gone to live with Laura. 

I am so happy that we have been allowed to keep them as it is nice to have watched them grow up since birth, from when they first started stumbling around to when they opened their eyes. They are now eight weeks old - nine weeks on Thursday and are getting to be so big! 

Also I have not yet thought of a name for my kitten so any suggestions would be welcome :) The names I have came up with so far is Thor ( which my family don't like) and Gizmo. Let me know what you think of these names in the comments, I would also love any name suggestions. See you tomorrow for blogmas day 9 :)

Sarah x

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