How I Spend Christmas | Blogmas Day 22

As Christmas is only 2 days away I am feeling very festive! Today has been a really lovely day, first of all, meeting with my friends and second, going round my sisters house for tea and watching Christmas films. Today I thought I would tell you about how I spend my Christmas day ...

So me and my little brother are usually first to wake up at around 7 or 8 in the morning and we wait for the rest of our family to wake up, we then all go downstairs as a family and open our presents. I also recently heard that some people open their presents after they have had their Christmas meal? After we have all finished opening our presents, we always end up putting on a DVD that someone has received as a gift, it is usually one of my dads DVD's as they are always comedy live shows. While the DVD is on we all start slowly tidying up the mess of wrapping paper. I then like to get all of my things out of any other packaging as it saves me doing it later on. We all then begin to get ready to set out to go to my Nan and Grandads for a meal with the rest of our family, however i use the time where everyone else is getting ready, to stuff my face full of chocolates. We then set off for my grandparents house at around 2ish and have our Christmas dinner there. We then spend the night talking and watching the generic Christmas TV and then we head off back home later on in the night. Although this may sound very cliché I love Christmas becuase it is the only time we really spend with our family where we can all just relax and have a nice time - although I do enjoy the presents aswell :)

How do you usually spend your Christmas?

Sarah x

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