Christmas nail art | Blogmas day 3

Hello Everyone!
So we are already three days into Blogmas which means it is getting closer to Christmas! 

So as it is getting closer to Christmas day and the Christmas parties or dinners are being planned what better way to show your Christmas spirit than to paint your nails in a christmassy design.
Here are just a few very simple, easy to do nail art designs for Christmas! I especially like the reindeer design and the red with the white bow. These were all super easy to do and look pretty cool too. I know i'm not the best at nail-art but I think these turned out pretty well and they were really fun to do!

Have you done any Christmas nail art so far this year? Let me know in the comments.

Sarah x


  1. These look fab Sarah!!! I haven't done any yet but planning to by Friday for our work Christmas meal! Xxx

    1. Thanks Sasha :) have fun at your Christmas meal! xxx

  2. I never do my nails. But these might make me change my mind. They look so adorable and festive. :L