A Pinterest Christmas | Blogmas day 10

Hello Everyone!
So it is only day 10 and i am already running out of ideas for blogmas, however I am definitely going to keep going. 

So recently I have been really loving Pinterest, I have been constantly scrolling through my feed looking through DIYs and inspiration, especially Christmas themed. So today I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite DIYs that I have seen so far...
First up is these really cute DIY snow globes. I think they all look so simple but so pretty. I also think that they would be really nice gifts as they show you have put some time and effort into them.
I have seen lots of different food DIYs on pinterest recently and I really like these ones where old jars have been recycled. I have also seen a few with hot chocolate sets in them and also little sleighs made from a selection of chocolate bars.
So these pretty baubles keep popping up on my pinterest feed, and I think they are so well made and they look really good, I love the rustic feel to them and I think they would look great on a traditional tree.
I just couldn't not put this one in! I absolutely loved Frozen and just thought this was such a clever idea and really easy to make.
I think this would be an ideal stocking filler for pretty much any girl, weather it's a friend or your mom. I also think it would make a really cute secret santa gift as it probably won't cost that much to make. Also you can personalise it and decorate it as much as you like.
I think this is such a cute decoration which you could put in your bedroom if you didn't want to go all out with the Christmas decor. 

I am hoping to try some christmassy DIY and I may even post about it if it goes well. Check back tomorrow for Blogmas Day 11

Sarah x

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  1. all of these are so cute! I love Pinterest, you can find the best ideas on there especially when it comes to craft projects like this x