Halloween | Nail Art Ideas

Hello Everyone!

So today I thought I would share with you some Halloween nail art designs as it is only a few days until Halloween. Although I don't really do anything for Halloween such as dressing up, I still love painting my nails with a fun spooky design. I know these aren't the neatest or most perfect designs but you see what I was aiming for. I think these designs would be great if you were going to a Halloween party or just if you feel like painting your nails. I really like the pumpkin design and the purple and orange Frankenstein French tip design as they are  really simple and easy to do yet still really fun and effective.

What are you doing for Halloween this year ? Have you done any spooky nail art designs? 
Let me know in the comments!

Sarah x


  1. Wow these look fabulous! I had a go doing a pumpkin a couple of days ago...but I never thought to use my whole nail!

    Sasha xxx

  2. So many fab creations - love them! :D

    Style Sunrise☀