Birthday Haul | Sweet 16

Hello Everyone!
So last week on Monday I had my 16th birthday and I thought I would share with you some of the wonderful presents I received from my family...

Pink Canvas High Tops ~ Primark
Ceramic Travel Mug ~ Tesco
No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser ~ Boots
W7 In The Buff Palette ~ Amazon/ Argos/ Peacocks
The Pointless Book ~ Amazon/ Waterstones/ WHSmith
Sweet Lip Balms ~ B&M
Jewel Candle ~ Jewel Candle Website
Marvel T-Shirt ~ Primark

Harry Potter Gryffindor ~ Primark 
Sooty Pyjamas ~ Primark
Black Canvas Pumps ~ Primark
White Dolly Shoes ~ Primark
Peach Ombre Canvas Shoes ~ Tesco
I Am Sherlocked Hoodie ~ Amazon 
The 100 Book ~ Amazon

Black Skinny Jeans ~ Primark
Peach Spotty Jumper ~ Primark
Hogwarts Top ~ Primark
Phone Case ~ Primark
Flower Headband ~ Primark 
Scarf ~ Primark

I will be doing a review on the Jewel Candle and the W7 In The Buff Palette in the upcoming weeks so check back to see them.

What did you do/ plan to do on your 16th birthday?

Sarah x


  1. Beautiful gifts dear!! Your birthday cake is also very pretty. My daughter is also having her 16th birthday next month so I am looking for sweet 16 venues nyc for her birthday party.