What I got for Christmas | 2014

Hello everyone! 
I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year!

So I have seen a lot of people doing this post and thought I would join in. I absolutely love all of the presents I got for Christmas and want to thank everyone who bought me one. 
I did also get a few other bits and pieces from my parents such as a onsie and and big fluffy cardigan, but i was wearing them when i was taking the photos. I also got a lot of sweets and food but i had already eaten those ;D  I really liked the dress from primark, and i chose to wear it Christmas day, i don't wear too many dresses but i really liked the pattern on this one. I also really enjoyed all of the films as well. 
I absolutely loved all of the bath stuff from Lush, it all smells so nice. Also I finished Girl Online 2 days ago, and it is a really good book. I might may do a review on the things from Lush and Girl Online in the next few weeks. For the past few days i have been burning the Yankee tarts and the candles non-stop - they also smell really nice!
It's safe to say that I really enjoyed Breaking Bad ( I finished the whole series in around 3 days) I just couldn't stop watching it. I might also do a review on this if anyone is interested and is thinking about maybe watching it. I have been really getting into all of the TV series lately like Breaking Bad, American Horror Story and so on. I have just started watching The Walking Dead too.

What did you get this Christmas? If you have also done this post then fell free to leave the link down below as I would love to check it out!

Sarah x


  1. Oh my god what a lot of presents! You're so lucky :D !! Adorable the films <3
    New post in my blog dear

    xx Lisbeth

  2. I really hope you had a lovely Christmas and new year! :D
    You got a good variety of things for Christmas, clothes, make up, books, dvds and lush cosmetics. I am a little bit jealous quite frankly. But I hope you are happy with them.

    From Ellen in Ireland