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Hello everyone, 
sorry for not posting in a while, i've just been really busy with exams and everything that i just haven't had time to write anything. However i have got a few posts lined up so keep looking back for those. Now that i have finished all my exams i will hopefully be posting atleast 2 posts a week if not more.

So the other day i was out shopping with my mom and we went into the pound shop, i was browsing through the beauty isle and saw the hair dyes. I had been meaning to buy hair dye for a while now and decided i might as well give it a go, i mean hey it was only a pound right! (well technically it was 2 pound because i bought 2 in case one wasn't enough). I never usually use foaming hair dyes as i don't think they are as effective but there's a first time for everything.

 I bought it in the colour 'Mahogany Brown' shade 4.5, as i tend to stick to the darker browns with a slight shade of red mainly becuase i can't have anything to bold for school. I have considered dying my hair a bolder colour like a purple or blue but thought against it becuase i'm scared of it going extremely wrong and my hair somehow ending up a radioactive green colour. My original hair colour was somewhere in the middle of the second and third shade so it should have turned out a deep-ish red colour.

The dye comes with 3 bottles, 1) Colourant, 2) Developer, and 3) Fixing Balm. First you pour the colourant into the developer, screw the lid on and shake it well, the mixture then turns into a foam and its ready to put on to the hair. after you have applied it to the roots you work it into the rest of the hair so it is evenly covered. Leave the dye in for 30 minutes and rinse out with lukewarm water, apply a fair amount of fixing balm onto your hair and massage it in. The fixing balm is designed to help the colour lock into your hair and to make the colour last longer. 

I bought two of the dyes as i have long hair and usually need two, however it turned out with the mousse that 1 would have been enough. I think that the mousse is much easier to apply than normal hair dye as it is really easy to work through the hair and its less messy. The dye itself didn't smell too strong either which was good as the smell usually becomes almost unbearable when i'm applying the dye. The fixing balm also smelt really nice and fresh which was great and it left my hair looking and feeling great which was a bonus becuase my hair usually looks really bad quality after dying it.

Overall i'm fairly happy with the result, it left my hair nice and smooth and turned out a nice colour. However the colour chart shows that my hair should have gone quite red but the actual result turned out as a deep brown with a slight undertone of red which was slightly disappointing. Despite this i would say that it is a good quality hair dye with an unbeatable price! I would recommend it if you wanted a cheap touch up to your hair colour to cover up your roots. I was especially happy with the result on the ends of my hair as they had started turning a light orangey, brown colour which looked awful in the light but now look the same colour as the rest of my hair and also don't look as dead. To conclude the dye was well worth the £1.

Have you had any £1 bargains recently?

Sarah x

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