EXAMS | Top Tips For Revison

Yes it's that time of the year again, EXAM SEASON. The time of the year us teenagers look forward to most (excuse my sarcasm)! In all seriousness, exams can be a very stressful time of year. So, in the hope that this may help some of you here are a few tips and techniques on revision...

1) To get the most out of your revision, you should pick a method that suits you weather it is copying text over and over again until it sinks in, drawing pictures and writing in big colourful letters, using flash cards, or even annoying your family by sticking hundreds of post-it notes around the house with various facts written on them. 

2) Create a comfortable, calm, relaxing environment. Choose a place where you like to be like your room or in the garden for example, somewhere you feel 100% relaxed, maybe even light some candles. Also i like to listen to music when i'm revising but with the volume low so it doesn't distract me. 

3) Do NOT leave it till last minute as this is proven to be one of the worst methods of revision! This is called "cramming" which is where you stress about the exam a few days before and stay up till late revising as much as you possibly can in the time you have left. You should think about revising for the exam a month before depending on how confident you are with the subject, create a revision timetable or have a set amount of time every couple of days. This will really help reduce stress. Also there are apps available to help you with revision and will even create a revisions schedule for you!

4) Take a break! This is not an excuse to take a break every five minutes to get out of revision. What you should do is every 20 minutes or so take a 5-10 minute break. This will help your focus and improve motivation. Also plan little rewards for after your revision, maybe plan a shopping trip with your friends or something along those lines. You could also plan a bigger trip for after your exams to inspire you to do better.

5) Sometimes revising as a group is really helpful! This way it is more fun as you can have a chat while revising, or get them to test you on your knowledge. Also if you don't understand something, text books are no help, but having someone else explain it to you will help it to sink in. So just get a group of friends together, get some snacks and revise.

6) Use a range of different media and techniques. For example, try to expand your revision by using books, internet, other peoples knowledge, or even educational videos/songs on youtube -which i know can be extremely cringey but they really do help you to understand and remember certain topics. 

Which exams do you have coming up and how are you revising for them?

Sarah x


  1. all d best for ur exams,i have crossed all those stages...:)

  2. Great tips, I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say it's awesome. I can't wait to see more.
    The Hopelessly Optimisitc